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News on Maui for visitors

October 2023
It is not news to anyone that a disastrous fire has burned down most of Lahaina town. The fire and the aftermath of handling thousands of displaced Lahaina residents and an evacuation request for non residents resulted in a very empty Island.

While there were some homes/buildings destroyed in upcountry areas, the main fire direct affected just the immediate township of Lahaina itself, including all of front street. Anything north of the city was unaffected by the fire.

Beginning Oct 8th the governor of Hawaii announced that with the exception of Lahaina town itself, the rest of West Maui including Kahana would be open for visitors. As tourism is the major driver of the Maui economy he has asked that those that cancelled their plans to visit the Islands to reconsider. 

The Sands itself, being mostly owned by the Las vegas based Soleil Management Company used its empty rooms to house Sands employees that lost their homes but did not otherwise participate in re-housing Maui residents. Thus we were not able to offer the unit for temporary housing.  

What this means for you, if you are considering coming to Maui and staying with us, is that you will not be displacing a local resident that lost their home. You will be positively impacting Maui's economy and contributing to its recovery. 

Note that due to the geography of the Islands, the waters off Kahana are not affected by any fire debris. Power, internet, cell phone service, water are all stable and fine.  


The Beach House restaurant and many other local restaurants are up and running already , with more opening every day. The Lahaina safeway and Walgreens have reopened and the restaurants and stores in Whalers village along with most the restaurants in Kaanapali have reopened. 

So if you are up to helping Maui recover and see a very uncrowded and welcoming Island, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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