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News on Maui for visitors

January 2023 - IT'S WHALE Season

Thanks to world wide conservation efforts, the number of large humpback whales, the species that migrates to Hawaii every year, has steadily grown. And Maui is the perfect place to see them up close. This season is reported to be one of the best for whale watching on record. The cool thing about Hale Honu is that you don't even need to get our of your lounge chair to see them. During peak season their is a breech every few minutes you can see by just sitting on the Lanai. 


Hawaii is a very popular place right now. If you are planning to come, book in advance and be prepared, Hawaii prices are high and recent inflation is making them higher.  One reason to consider Hale Honu for your stay is that our rates continue to be very competitive for beachfront 3 bedroom and by renting a well provisioned Condo you can save a ton on meals by cooking in.  We have no extra fees, no resort fee, no parking fee, only a check in fee we don't control.  If you want to save money there are many ways to do so. If you are a Costco member, then take advantage of the  discounts there, including discount cars for popular restaurants, boat trips and luaus. Use a local car rental company or do without one! There is efficient bus service right in front of the unit. Many restaurants have happy hours and specials  and feature free live music. Lahaina usually has something free on Fridays and if you want creative but low cost gifts try the local art fairs. 

Note there are few new regulations that affect Island guests. One is around sun screens. As reef life is very sensitive to chemicals Hawaii has banned the use of non reef safe sunscreens. Use only reef safe before going into the ocean. Also stores do not give out plastic bags, please bring your own to the store (we usually have some in the condo kitchen). Some destinations now require advanced reservations like Haleakala at certain times so plan in advance. 

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